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Karla Mireles  is an Interior Designer from Montreal based in Dallas Texas. One with Design, offers unique and personalized spaces for your home or business.

Before and after kitchen makeover

When we moved into our 1940's house, it had already undergone some renovations to update its functionality. However, when it came to the kitchen it seemed like the previous owners had forgotten all about the aesthetics aspect of the update. Instead, we were left with faux wood finish melamine cabinets, a horrible pinkish marble inspired counter and backs-plash combo, outdated and boring hardware... Basically, it was really ugly!

Considering the budget was tight, we needed to be stupid and keep things simple... So none of the electrical or plumbing was moved or modified, instead we opted to work with what we had. We rolled up our sleeves and painted all the melamine cabinets and the doors in a semi-gloss white. We ripped out the old unsightly counter and back-splash 2 for 1 and replaced it with a butcher- block light wood counter top. As for the back-splash it was replaced by a fresh and clean looking white subway tile applied in a brick pattern. According to me you can never go wrong with black, so we used it as an accent color in the new dome ceiling pendant, in the sexy black faucet, in the new exhaust fan over the range, and in all of the handles and hardware for the cabinets.

I wanted this kitchen to feel unique, so I opted to remove one of the cabinet doors and wallpaper the back of the cabinet to let the nicer glassware and china shine on its shelves. Of course, we couldn't overlook the brown door leading to the powder room, so we splurged on a new white door and black vintage door knob... As I always like to say: It's all in the details...