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Karla Mireles  is an Interior Designer from Montreal based in Dallas Texas. One with Design, offers unique and personalized spaces for your home or business.

Who said long distance relationships don't work?

I met Jessy through my One with Design Facebook page, a loyal fan she is! She had gotten in touch with me a few times regarding design queries about her home. Although eager to tackle many decor projects in her house, the one that could no longer wait was her young boys shared bedroom.

By the time she contacted me, my family and I were getting ready to move from Montreal to Queretaro Mexico. Shortly after braking the news to her, I thought why not try to work on her boys bedroom from a distance? I could be in touch with her through emails and pictures of the bedroom.

 A cozy bedroom for two young boys

A cozy bedroom for two young boys

First, she sent me pictures of the space and explained what I needed to consider to complete the project. I came up with a plan for the boys bedroom and sent her all the attachments, pictures, and info she needed to begin putting the room together.

As she progressed with the tasks in her sons bedroom, she would send me pictures of all the changes she made. It was months of going back and forth between questions, doubts, suggestions, and decisions taken between the two of us.

Somehow, with my ideas and her execution we were able to create an inviting, personalized, cozy, and functional bedroom for her adorable boys. Proving that some long distance relationships CAN work!

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